Cataract Surgery

جراحات الماء الأبيض

What is cataract?

Cataract is the most common cause of vision loss in people over age 40 and is the principal cause of blindness in the world. Cataract scan be due to trauma , diabetes ,genetics or a normal feature of the aging process of the eye. The cells of the lens within the eye become less able to push water out from inside, and the lens permanently fogs up like a window on a humid day.

Our Technologies

Discover the Magic of easyPhaco®

Oertli easyPhaco® Technology brings to you unprecedented chamber stabi l i ty, per fect emulsification and efficient fragment aspiration. And all of this without the undesired side effects hitherto caused by high vacuum. Oertli easyPhaco® Technology brings visible and noticeable advantages for better results and faster recovery.

Multifocal / Trifocal intraocular Lenses

This implant gives patients a better chance to enjoy clear vision at all distances with maintained contrast sensitivity and lower visual disturbance. This lens enables patients to switch naturally between all distances. This lens is used in cases of presbyopia, cataract, myopia and hyperopia.

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